Unite Against Hate is delighted to partner with Kidscape and mark Anti-Bulling Week and bring you #FriendshipFriday Resources.

Friendship Friday encourages everyone to see they have a role to play in creating a world that is friendlier and kinder.

Conversations about bullying behaviour are very healthy, and as a teacher, parent or carer you’re in the perfect position to support and guide young people to develop a better understanding of positive relationships. To help, Kidscape put together a series of new resources for you to download.

Being A Good Friend explores the positives of kind, healthy and happy friendships.

Download here

Telling Tales explores the differences between ‘telling tales’ and asking for help.

Download here

What makes a good friend explores the qualities needed to maintain kind friendships.

Download here

Put yourself in my shoes explores how we develop empathy for others.

Download here

Help with friendships explores how to manage change in friendships.

Download here

A Tool For Parents and Carers

Download here

Friendship Friday Colouring Sheets.

Colour in each of the patchwork pieces to make your own drawing. Everyone’s picture will be different colours – what makes you different to your friends?

Click on the image to download the colouring sheet.

Or download them all here