Unite Against Hate: Manifesto

The world is more polarised than ever.

Division tracks its path along our walls and across our borders.

Where once we had no walls we’re building them.

Where once we were part of something bigger we’re making ourselves into islands.

Where once difference was just that now there is heat and fear and bile.

Sometimes our differences are about ‘rights’.

But more often than not they’re about wrongs.

Racism. Homophobia. Islamophobia. Gender equality. Religion. Political conviction.

Obvious and hidden. Voiced and unvoiced. Seen and unseen.

Maybe even lurking unrecognised in ourselves.

Difference is ok. Difference is good.

Hate never is.

Difference should never divide us.

And hate should never mark us.

Hate is hurt and abuse. It is the sharp sting of pain in the moment and the long-term erosion of what makes us who we are.

Hate hurts the target. And hate destroys those who hold to it.

Hate is corrosive. It eats at us from the inside out and makes us less than who we can be.

We believe that difference should be celebrated and embraced.

We believe there is no place for hate. Anywhere. Any time.

Hate must stop.

So, in this time. At this moment we’re calling on people to join us, urging the world to…

Unite Against Hate

Unite Against Hate will: