Unite Against Hate x Diversity Mark


Join us for one final session as part of the Unite Against Hate campaign in collaboration with Diversity Mark, as we learn the skills that help us manage conflict in a healthy, respectful non-combative way. This session will be led again by Dorcas Crawford, Conflict Management Consultant and Founder of The Better Way. Nuala Murphy of Diversity Mark will also be leading.

Unite Against Hate x Diversity Mark2022-03-22T13:45:52+00:00

Leadership Academy x UAH. Ending Hate. Embracing Diversity.


Join us for a series of three online workshops to explore how through understanding bias, challenging misconceptions, and the development of better communications skills, we can help to eradicate hate, embrace diversity and become better co-workers, neighbours and citizens.

Leadership Academy x UAH. Ending Hate. Embracing Diversity.2022-01-10T11:26:53+00:00


Unite Against Hate: is a platform to challenge, educate and mobilise people to face the truth about hate – and end it.

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